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Does VueMinder support multiple users on the same computer?

Yes, VueMinder supports unlimited users on the same computer, provided each user has their own legally purchased license. Users will have private calendar data, which (by default) won't be visible to other users on the computer unless the data is exported, published, or shared to a location that is visible to other users. The VueMinder options and settings are also unique for each user on a computer, allowing VueMinder to be custom tailored to each user's needs.

VueMinder can run independently for each user that is logged into a computer. However, when updating or uninstalling VueMinder, all users currently logged into the computer must completely exit VueMinder prior to initiating the installation. Due to Windows permissions issues, the VueMinder installer is unable to ensure that other logged in users are not running VueMinder. Although unlikely, errors may occur if VueMinder is updated or uninstalled while still being run.

Where does VueMinder save my data?

By default, VueMinder stores all data (events, tasks, contacts, options, and settings) on your local hard drive in the folder indicated below. Note these folders are hidden, so you won't see them unless you enable the display of hidden folders in Windows:

  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Vuesoft\VueMinder

The data folder can be changed in the Program Options.

Can I backup my data?

Yes, VueMinder provides an automated backup feature, accessed using the Backup Data command on the File menu. Backups can be generated to a secondary hard drive, external drive, cloud drive, etc. By default, VueMinder will automatically generate a backup every 8 hours and will keep 2 weeks of backups.

To recover from a previous backup, click the Restore Data command on the File menu. A list of backup files should be displayed. Select the desired backup file and click the "Restore" button. If no backups are listed, click the "Browse" button, navigate to the folder that was configured as the backup destination, and open the most recent file.

If I update to a new version or purchase a license, will my previous data still be present?

Yes, your previous data will still be there. Updating to a new version will not have any effect on your data. The latest version of VueMinder preserves backward compatibility with data saved using all previous versions, going back to the very first version of VueMinder. However, just to be safe, we recommend performing a manual backup of your data prior to updating. You can do this using the "Backup Data" command on the File menu.

How can I check if a new version is available?

VueMinder can automatically check for updates when started. If a newer version is available, a window will be shown listing the most recent updates and enabling you to download and install the latest version on top of the current version.

If you have disabled automatic update checking, you can manually check for updates using the "Check for Updates" command from the Help menu. You can also check the VueMinder version history and compare this with the version displayed in the "About VueMinder" or "Buy VueMinder" window, available from the Help menu.

How many licenses do I need to purchase?

VueMinder Pro and Ultimate are licensed per individual user. A single user license can be activated on up to 5 computers where you (or a family member living in the same residence) will be the only user. Other users will need their own licenses. If purchasing for more than 12 people, site licenses are more affordable than purchasing individual user licenses.

What happens after I pay?

After your payment has been processed you will be emailed a link to download a license installer. This usually happens within minutes after ordering.

  • To register your license, exit the trial version (if running) of VueMinder by right-clicking the task tray icon and selecting the Exit option. Download the license installer and save it somewhere safe, in case you ever need to reinstall VueMinder. Run the license installer to register your license. The license will install on top of the trial version, preserving all existing data.
  • You can activate a single-user license on up to 5 computers where you (as an individual) plan to run VueMinder, or where immediate family members living in the same residence will be the only other users.

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