People love VueMinder.

VueMinder has help thousands of people become more organized and take control of their schedules. Below are just a few of the many unsolicited testimonials we receive daily by people thrilled to have finally found a calendar program that does exactly what they need, and exceptional customer support to back it.

VueMinder supports any kind of schedules one could think of with an unmatched user interface. There is no other calendar application but VueMinder that can handle my scheduling requirements. And only VueMinder's outstanding user interface provides the various very useful views that help to stay in control of all schedules. Not Outlook, not Google, not Apple, not Lotus Notes, not single one! All of those famous calendar applications are in every aspect far behind VueMinder.
Uri Liebeskind
VueMinder is a very good program with excellent support.
Mike Nelson
VueMinder is by far the best of its kind, bar none and that goes for the impeccable service as well.
Robert Bagni
Besides being able to see my appointments at a glance, the features most important to me include the ability to: 1) resize and position the calendar freely, 2) adjust its transparency, 3) click a date cell to enter an appointment instantly and 4) set an event to repeat at any interval, with or without an ending date. It's nice having a number of skins from which to choose, and the fact that users can alter them and even create their own is a real bonus. VueMinder offers ALL of these things and SO much more. The personalized tech support and enthusiastic reception of new ideas and bug reports is unbeatable. VueMinder isn't software - it's a piece of art!
Barb Mast
Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your VueMinder Pro program. Yes, I have tried a few calendar reminder programs before, but this is by far the ultimate... I used it for a few months then decided to purchase a license. True, other programs may get you from point A to point B, or help you traverse the ins and outs of the days and months to a limited degree, but the difference might be compared to navigating through a long day in traffic in a Yugo as opposed to a BMW. VueMinder Pro is defiantly a BMW 535i. So many features, so many options, so customizable. A perfect balance of everything that matters in a calendar program. Thanks for the great work!
Ken Baker
I was in the process of adding a reminder to myself to follow up an a project when I realized just how well VueMinder is working for me. It is fast working, easily accessible, and stays out of my way until I need it - what more can I ask for? It looks nice as well. Kudos - a great product and a bargain besides.
Jonas Kristinsson
VueMinder is simply brilliant - the best desktop calendar ever.
James Owen - Professional Singer, UK
The creativity, care and attention applied to the development and maintenance of the VueMinder is appreciated by me on a daily basis, as is the good support provided. Great software - very well designed. So nice to have discovered it.
Solveig Stibbe
I really like VueMinder and how it keeps me organized. It's hard to find a great calendar that will do all that VueMinder does.
Lisa Hamilton
I have searched for more than 2 years for a replacement for WinDates and have finally found it in VueMinder. As a Software Engineer, I appreciate well designed software and VueMinder is a top notch product. Everything is intuitively right where it should be and your customization options are second to none. Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful product!!
Joe D.
I have tried lots of calendar software and VueMinder is by far the best.
Duane Boulis
Great calendar program. Glad I bought it.
D'Arcy M.
For my current needs, this calendar is without doubt the best I have found. It includes a few options I had never even thought about! An excellent product. Congratulations to all involved in its conception and design.
John Ford
I really like the program... Having a tool where I can plan and easily more the tasks around is great! You guys have a good product.
Steve Bowman
I absolutely love VueMinder. People see it on my desktop all the time and I always encourage them to try it out, it is a great tool.
Luke Tower
VueMinder is a wonderful and very useful tool, I am using it day after day, and it is very good to know that it keeps being worked on!
Gert Kwakkel
I don't even have to go online first to see VueMinder. I can not only set up my appointments, I can also have the calendar send me pop up reminders so I won't be late. I love it and I will recommend it to everyone I know who depends on a calendar on their computer to keep everything straight.
LaDonna Survant
I had tried other calendar programs out there, but none gave me all the features that VueMinder does. Can't see any reason to use anyone else! Any questions I have had to support, have always been answered very quickly. These guys got it right!
Mike Hall in Georgia
I'm really enjoying this calendar, it works very well for my needs.
Sylvia Wambolt
I downloaded VueMinder on my home laptop and it is a breeze to use... Love that just hovering the mouse over an event brings up the info bubble. Doesn't get better than that. Thanks for everything. You have a fantastic product!
Amy Cohen
The customer service is fantastic and that I really appreciated all the quick responses to all the questions I had when trying to determine if this product would be a good fit for my office. We've been using VueMinder in the office now since June and it has helped our efficiency tremendously, especially when it comes to adding events (client appointments). We have this networked in the office and now the attorneys no longer have to come to my desk every time they want to see the appointment schedule. LOVE IT!
Amy Cohen
I absolutely love VueMinder. It is so user friendly and your support team is exceptional... I have been using this product for a month and it has helped me organized everything, from calendars, tasks and reminders... I will tell just about everyone I know about this product. Your company and software has helped me in so many ways!
Patrick D., C-Level Executive in Financial Services, New York
I think VueMinder is great, the ability to do separate calendars, tasks and notes is outstanding. And the voice reminder is fantastic. I am very happy with it.
Roy Blaze
VueMinder functions like my mind. It makes me feel the product is trying to work with me, rather than against me.
Jane Stock
Amazing calendar, I love it.
Or L.
Let me say too that I really enjoy not only VueMinder, but the first-class customer support I get from VueSoft. So far everything about this 'experience' has been excellent.
Danny Braun
VueMinder is the best calendar program available. There is nothing else even remotely comparable. If you like your Google Calendar you're going to love VueMinder. I'm recommending it to everyone I know.
Steve Dunlap
Just had to let you know how much I like and appreciate VueMinder. I use it for just personal use, and am amazed at all it can do for me, even though I am not too knowledgeable about technology! It is easy to use, and yet I keep discovering more ways to make it even more valuable and enjoyable. It is just what I have desired for a long time! I love it! I love the way it keeps track of my 'to do' list and appointments and other events. I love how I can customize things. I am so happy with the way I can print my contact list -- just the columns I want! Thank you for this really great product!
Bonnie Williams
VueMinder is a vital part of my life. I would go crazy without it.
Robert Arthur
Just wanted to say that I am in the process of trying out your product and so far I am very impressed. I am very picky with my task management applications so choosing one wasn't difficult once I found this one.
Kyle Michaels
VueMinder is a great product. I showed up for an important volunteer commitment the other day only because it reminded me. In retirement, life is busy but not with a regular schedule, so I needed VueMinder more than I did when I was working.
Virginia B.
I want you to know that I sing the praises of VueMinder to everyone I meet who is looking for a time management tool. Without VueMinder (which goes far beyond a calendar/reminder) I would be lost in the tidal wave of daily events.
Ed Thomas
I've been using the VueMinder Ultimate trial version and purchased the software today. Love it! It's exactly what my office has been needing for a while and has the features that I couldn't seem to find anywhere else.
Cassie Koenig
I want to thank VueSoft for this calendar. I absolutely love it.
Daryl Walker
I am not one for doing reviews...but, I have been using VueMinder for a while. Your program has made my life easy. Just changed to Windows 7 and new computer with no problems. Best money I've ever spent. Y'all are great! Your program is great! Your support is great! Good job!
Dale Goble
I didn't realize how much I depend on VueMinder... I looked for software that would do what VueMinder does for a very long time. I am extremely happy with this program. Kudos to you and the company for building this excellent product!
Judy O.
Love your program. Your customer service is excellent and your programming shows a high level of time and resource re-investment.
Bob Peach in Atlanta
I have used a lot of calendar programs throughout the years and this is by far the best calendar program I have every used.
Kent Moseley
I want to thank you for your quick response. This was very impressive (especially on a weekend!). It says a lot about the support for this software. I already really like the product. I've programmed for years, and I've beta tested a lot of products. VueMinder is put together well, intuitive, and is user friendly.
Karan P.
Great software - very well designed. The creativity, care and attention applied to its development and maintenance is appreciated by me on a daily basis. So nice to have discovered it.
Solveig Stibbe
I love the program, exactly what I would have programmed myself. And your support has been great.
Arnold Bianchi
I am delighted with the programme and would not consider using anything else. VueMinder is a great product that I am constantly recommending to friends and colleagues; thank you for the constant updates and a program that makes life so much easier! It is very much appreciated.
Ruth in UK
I don't know what I'd do without VueMinder. I've had a few calendars - none of which perform as yours does.
Robert Michaels, Sr.
VueMinder is easily the best calendar program that I have come across and it is excellent for keeping in sync with Google calendar.
Edward P.
During the past weeks I installed and tested a lot of .ics compatible Calendar applications for Windows, from freeware to really expensive PIMs... Then accidentally I found VueMinder. And I must say it's simply the best calendar application for Windows!
Theo Stein
I have never come across such incredible customer service and I'll definitely be recommending this calendar for use in our school.
Alex P.
Very excited about finding VueMinder. Yours was the only program out of many that I have tested that does what I want. Having used it for almost a year now, it has become an indispensable sales aid and reminder service.
Mark in South Africa
VueMinder is fantastic! From what I've seen, nothing else even comes close. My entire family is finally on the same page!!! Woohooo!
Jim Smith
Wow, well done - Truly a work of art. Excellent product, hands down beats anything else I've tried. I especially like the email reminder... I won't hesitate to recommend VueMinder to my colleagues.
Yacoub Algusane
I love your calendar. It is the best I have ever used... Thanks for a great calendar.
VueMinder is really a wonderful product! It helps our staff account for and manage their time. VueMinder helps answer the question 'Are we spending the right amount of time on the right issues?'
Mark Cheadle, Alberta Canada
My wife and I are loving the calendar, no more over scheduling ourselves!! We can check the calendars in any of the three computers at home.
Jorge Rojas
Honestly there is so much unbelievable stuff available on VueMinder. To me it is a mind blowing programme. Nothing ever has to be left to chance. The most valuable addition to my computer.
Gerald Myers
I really like your program... I ran the free version for a while, but after I realized how useful it was and how it helped with organizing my time, I felt that it was well worth what you were asking to upgrade to the Pro version.
Chuck Lewis
I've used MS Project (and others), Mind Mapping software, all sorts of Google docs, spreadsheets and 'task tracking' methods and really needed some to help me 'visualize' the future days, weeks, and months - to build my plans around. VueMinder seems UNIQUE and I love its approach.
John Kee
You guys are the greatest... I am doing a lots of bragging about my calendar program… I use the calendar program for personal and business use and it is the best I ever had.
Cornelius J.
I have used several automated calendar programs and none come close to the efficiency of VueMinder - nice job.
Fred Dow
VueMinder is essential to me, and is the best calendar system I have ever used, and I have tried many over the years. Also, the support provided is fast, courteous and comprehensive.
Dianne Moses
I'm thankful every day for this product.
Diana Orlemann, The Typing House
A lovely voice comes on to remind me of my most pressing engagements… I find this amusing and most helpful. This is my favorite program....out of many, many programs that keep my business alive.
Chris Kenney, Art Conservator
The best part of your software is you listen to all customers and update software from customer feedback.
Sunil Kadakia
I just find that I cannot have a day go by without using VueMinder, even though I am a retired aerospace engineer, It helps me plan all my activities.
Al J.
VueMinder is terrific and your support is what truly sets VueMinder apart.
Ken O.
I want to compliment you on the terrific programming and support with VueMinder. Truly one of the best jobs I have seen in software and I use a lot of software.
Ken O.
I knew within one day that VueMinder was a very well written application. I also learned within a few days that the support was fantastic. After several weeks of use I find VueMinder to be everything I need in a PC based calendar, task list, and contact list. The user interface and menu are very intuitive and cover anything I need to do.
Emmett Simpson
I have wanted a calendar program that appears on the screen all of the time so I can see what I have to do and act on it. VueMinder is perfect for me. Thanks for creating a program like this!
Scot Gerardi
I've downloaded the Pro trial version, which gives me the options I want – I'll give it a whirl and no doubt buy it, this software is by far the best calendar software I've tried!
Dave Nash
You have an extremely powerful calendar program which is far better than anything else I have come across. I will be encouraging people to use it and I think I already have several people considering it as an application.
John Bothams
I love VueMinder and the way it stays up on my computer, like a shadow, and I can see all the notes I've made on it. And, I usually add pop up reminders which help me too.
I've just purchased VueMinder Pro - only two days of trialing convinced me it is a marvelous piece of software. Having been a professional software creator for over 50 years, I believe I know good software when I come across it. Congratulations on your very impressive product.
Ken Travers in Australia
I absolutely LOVE VueMinder's desktop interface. It is extremely attractive, feature-rich and easy-to-use. In fact, VueMinder's user interface is the most aesthetically pleasing of ALL the PIMs I've reviewed, and I've explored probably 50 or more during the past year.
Metta Zetty
The more I play with VueMinder the more I like it. It seems very well thought out.
Eric Z.
What an excellent programme. I have tried numerous calendar programmes and they all appear to have problems. The nearest I got to usability was Lightning/Thunderbird. However, of late I have realised it wasn't doing what I needed hence trying VueMinder. It is a brilliant programme, hence I bought the Pro version.
Maurice Appleby
I really like your calendar better than Outlook and Google... VueMinder far surpasses both of these as it is a lot easier to use.
Rick Hart
VueMinder is in terms of functionality the greatest calendar application with the greatest support available. Repeatedly we were very much pleased and stunned about the great support regarding tips, fixes, and feature requests. I have been testing and evaluating approximately 10 calendar applications. None of the calendars have provided the needed functionality as VueMinder does.
Uri Liebeskind
I LOVE VueMinder! For years, I've relied heavily on a calendar I could view from the desktop. I recently had to replace my laptop and panicked when Windows 7 wouldn't load my previous program. I tried MANY calendars and nearly gave up before finally stumbling upon VueMinder. I saw one screen shot and didn't have to read the description to know my search was finally over.
Barb Mast
VueMinder rocks! I've got it setup on my work and home laptops, and they stay synced via Google Calendar! I've used other Calendar software, and in my opinion, nothing I've tried compares to VueMinder.
Paul Yatrou
Just ordered and downloaded the Pro version and I am so happy about this Calendar already! It took a long long time for this goodie to fall in my lap, been looking for something like this for years believe it or not.
Ali Ayoubi
I LOVE the way it almost hovers on the desktop and that you can adjust the opacity to your own preferences. AND setting your OWN wave file (in my case, Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, he he) as the reminder of an appointment at whatever time before the appointment YOU choose is something I have NOT found in other programs! Well done; EXCELLENT product!
Trevor Money
VueMinder is a wonderful, invaluable program. And it just keeps getting better as I learn my way around it. I find such quality products rare, and I've been telling my friends about it, -especially my own family as I have children in college who are learning to manage their classes, schedules, and projects. Just thought I'd let you know how much I value it.
Roy Nunn
We needed a way to track 3 ministry calendars on one, and make it available to every computer user. Web-based calendars and their potential security issues did not appeal to us. VueMinder Pro, with its limitless possibilities, has more than met our need. This is the calendar we have dreamed of and longed for. Kudos!
Julie Miller
Great program. I don't see anything yet that compares to it in the direct sync with Google Calendar. It makes a great offline interface!
Michael Desimone
Thanks for making such a great tool. I LOVE IT!!!!!
Tony Joaquin, Jr.
I so love this calendar! I have been looking for one this nice for eons!!!
Sally-Jo Morrissette
I really appreciate this software which is the perfect answer to my needs!
Daniel Richard
I have been using your Vueminder software for approximately six months now and have loved every moment of this calendar program.
Travis Stockton
I used to use Windows Calendar, but after I switched to Windows 7, I lost the ability to use that calendar. I did a search on Google and VueMinder appeared. I really appreciate this program because it helps me organize my entire schedule throughout the year and I can easily view it straight from my desktop.
Jeff Beazley
Very nice software, easy purchase and set up.
Vladimir Antonov
This is a very cool calendar and has about everything I need for my purposes.
Danny W, St. Louis, Missouri
What an amazing piece of software you have built. I am so happy to have found it. I can't believe how well thought out this is!
Garfield Stinvil
I love the program! It's versatile and has all the bells and whistles.
Roberta Ashley
Thanks for the marvelous support you are giving, something other companies can learn from.
Ali Ayoubi
After searching for numerous calendar programs and downloading them and uninstalling them, this one is a keeper! Easy to use, simple or complex as needed, and fun! It’s like hiring a manager to keep you focused. It’s just what I needed!
Barbara Jansen
I just love having a product where I get such great support and fast.
Jack Crittenden
I simply love this program to keep track of my doctor appointments and all other events that I need to go to.
Frank Gutowski, Sr.
It’s good to have a really useful tool that’s easy to use, and customer support that actually listens to its customers. Keep it up!
John Simeone
I recently downloaded a trial of VueMinder Pro. I've tried a lot of calendaring software recently and VueMinder is the best, hands down. It's apparent that the developers put a lot of care and thought in to this package -- thank you!
Ian M.
This calendar is far and away the best I have seen. Kudos to you!
Noe Longoria
I would like to say that VueMinder is simply the best reminder program out there.
Peter Wilkes
This is by far the very best calendar I have yet to encounter.
Misty Day
What a great program! One of the best that I've installed in a long time. After using the program for over a year now, I still think it's great. It's on my desktop all the time.
Joseph Anghinetti
I'm impressed by your support. Excellent!!
Andrea Dancer
I just want to say that VueMinder works fine and I love it from day to day more! A GREAT program!!
Rudi Lehnert
I love the program. I think VueMinder is the best calendar and reminder program out there. The feature where it sends a text message to your cell phone is very useful. I use it all the time!
Rick Hayes
VueMinder is VERY nice and the customer support/response is as good as it gets…I have been using computers since the early 1960s (Fortran IV) and your company is as good as any I have dealt with. Thanks!
Bob A.
The program is perfectly brilliant and I can't stop talking about how much it has helped!
Michael Wiggins
I really enjoy the VueMinder program. I can honestly say I now enjoy managing an office and helping to coordinate activities.
Daniel Hardigree
VueMinder is the best of its kind out there and your support is incredible.
Warren Kahn
I have just purchased your software and it is what I have been looking for. Many web-based calendars send text to your cell, but this sends to your desktop, email and SMS!
Doyle R., M.D.
VueMinder is a great program. I work all days with the calendar - it’s beautiful and better than Outlook.
Michael S., Germany
Great program. I will be recommending it to friends.
Bernard Thomson
I do enjoy this software!
Yochanan Pereira
VueSoft's willingness to add enhancements and work with your subscribers is just unheard of these days, so thanks for everything.
Karen Grady
VueSoft's competitors can learn a lot from your customer service and attention!
Stephen Hocker

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